NIDB 4.1.2 Initial Release

NIDB is officially released! Version 4.1.2 is available for download for CentOS 6.3 or as a Virtual Box .vdi image (which includes FSL). Try it out!

Release notes (v4.1.2 – 10/2/2012)

  • Initial release
  • Default username for MySQL: root, NIDB: admin, CentOS: root
  • Default password for MySQL, NIDB, CentOS is ‘password’
  • DICOM receiver is listening by default on port 104, AE title ‘NIDB’
  • Modules to run NIDB background programs are NOT enabled by default. Enable them manually.
  • [bug] ImageMagick may need to be installed manually if not installed by the setup script. use “yum install ImageMagick” to install it.
  • [bug] For MR QA, the fft image, color-mapped image, and FFT radial average image may not appear because ImageMagick is not compiled with the FFT module
  • [bug] Pipeline analyses work, however no documentation is yet provided on how to set them up
  • [bug] Download to local FTP will download data to /nidb/ftp, but the installer does not automatically create an FTP account chroot’d to that directory. You’ll need to create your own FTP account, and then change the FTP section of the /nidb/programs/ file to reflect your account information.

Download the NIDB installer from sourceforge. Follow the installation instructions.

Download the NIDB virtual machine image from sourceforge. Follow the VM setup instructions, however a .vbox file is provided in addition to a .vdi image.

If you need help with setup, visit the support forum, or email

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