NiDB 4.2.0 Release

NiDB 4.2.0 has been released. Download from sourceforge. The following additions, bug fixes, and improvements have been made:

  • [add] Export and import packages, for subject data only
  • [add] reports page
  • [add] ability to move studies between projects on the projects page
  • [add] modalities admin page. doesn’t do much yet other than report SQL table sizes
  • [change] revamped the UI to make it a little more readable
  • [change] Unlimited number of alternate UIDs are now allowed
  • [fix] user/project permissions are in effect on more pages

NiDB to be at Human Brain Mapping 2013!

Our poster titled “Sharing Framework, Pipeline, and Module Extensions to Neuroinformatics Database (NiDB)” will be presented by Greg at the HBM 2013 conference in Seattle in June 2013. The poster (#1447) will be available to view from Monday June 17 through Tuesday June 18, and Greg will be standing by the poster from 1:30-3:30pm on Tuesday. Stop by and check it out, we plan to have a live demo running on a laptop.

NIDB 4.1.5 Release

NIDB 4.1.5 has been released. It includes some pipeline improvements and small bug fixes, but also improved documentation on the website.

Download the tar.gz file or the Virtual Box VM

  • [add] – pipelinetest module, with option to only test a pipeline when developing it
  • [change] – pipeline steps are replaced with a syntax highlighted bash script editor
  • [change] – pipeline shortname cannot be changed after the pipeline is created
  • [add] pipeline documentation on the NIDB website

NIDB 4.1.4 Release

NIDB 4.1.4 has been released and is available as a tarball installer. Download from sourceforge.

The following changes have been made:

  • [installer] enable some modules by default
  • [installer] sets up compiler environment correctly
  • [installer] compiles ImageMagick with fft support
  • [installer] various fixes
  • [bug] default config.php contained incorrect hostname

NIDB 4.1.3

NIDB 4.1.3 has been released. The following changes and bug fixes have been made for this version:

  • [feature] Phenotypic data can now be stored with each subject as part of a project. Measures are double entered, and can be of any datatype.

Download from sourceforge.