Notes on running the VM image

Download the VM image from here:

Unzip the file using 7-zip. Open the .vbox file by double clicking. It may give you a couple messages, and below are the solutions

  • Install the Oracle VirtualBox add-on pack. Also make sure you are using VirtualBox 4.2
  • VirtualBox may say that the Realtek network adapter is not installed. Go into the VM’s settings. Make sure that bridged adapter is selected. Click Ok to save the settings.
  • VirtualBox may complain about a missing CD/DVD image. You may release the CentOS 6.3 image in the virtual media manager.

Once you have the VM running, you can login as nidb, password is ‘password’. su to root and type ifconfig. This will display the IP address for the NIDB installation, which is on the second line for eth0: “inet addr:”. Go to a browser (preferably Google Chrome) on your host machine and type that ip address in. You will see the NIDB login screen. Login using admin/password.

NIDB 4.1.2 Initial Release

NIDB is officially released! Version 4.1.2 is available for download for CentOS 6.3 or as a Virtual Box .vdi image (which includes FSL). Try it out!

Release notes (v4.1.2 – 10/2/2012)

  • Initial release
  • Default username for MySQL: root, NIDB: admin, CentOS: root
  • Default password for MySQL, NIDB, CentOS is ‘password’
  • DICOM receiver is listening by default on port 104, AE title ‘NIDB’
  • Modules to run NIDB background programs are NOT enabled by default. Enable them manually.
  • [bug] ImageMagick may need to be installed manually if not installed by the setup script. use “yum install ImageMagick” to install it.
  • [bug] For MR QA, the fft image, color-mapped image, and FFT radial average image may not appear because ImageMagick is not compiled with the FFT module
  • [bug] Pipeline analyses work, however no documentation is yet provided on how to set them up
  • [bug] Download to local FTP will download data to /nidb/ftp, but the installer does not automatically create an FTP account chroot’d to that directory. You’ll need to create your own FTP account, and then change the FTP section of the /nidb/programs/ file to reflect your account information.

Download the NIDB installer from sourceforge. Follow the installation instructions.

Download the NIDB virtual machine image from sourceforge. Follow the VM setup instructions, however a .vbox file is provided in addition to a .vdi image.

If you need help with setup, visit the support forum, or email