The mristudyqa module is similar to the mriqa module, except it performs QA on an imaging study instead of a sinngle MR series. This module currently performs averaging of multiple T1s and creates a new series of the averaged T1s.

  • Average T1 – If a study has more than once T1 of the same sequence name, it will create an average T1 image and re-insert the image into the database, starting at series number 5000
  • Best T1 – All possible combinations of average T1s are calculated, and the best one, based on SNR is inserted back into the database. For example, if 4 T1s are in the study, all combinations of the series are averaged and SNR calculated. So combinations [1] [2] [3] [4] [12] [13] [14] … [1234] are created. The combination with the best SNR is re-inserted into the database.

This method may be useful to exclude any T1s with excessive movement, under the assumption that averaging in a bad T1 will reduce the SNR. However, this is not always the case, since SNR will improve simply because there are more averages.

This module can be extended to count the series run, count lengths of runs, etc to determine if the full protocol was completed. In the future, an incomplete protocol could be flagged.

The mristudyqa module is run via cron every one minute. It can be started manually by typing

cd /nidb/programs

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